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Benefits of Cryotherapy

Reducing Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Cryotherapy can reduce swelling and release anti-inflammatory proteins into your blood, relieving pain, both chronic and acute. Cryotherapy is often used to manage pain with inflamation, especially around a joint or tendon.

Increase of Energy

Cryotherapy provides a number of benefits, including boosting energy levels. Cryotherapy stimulates circulation, relieves pain in joints and increases the production of endorphins, which make you feel energized. It’s a three minute way to get a burst of energy that lasts!

Accelerates Metabolism & Manage Weight

Cyrotherapy can help maintain a healthy figure and accelerate metabolism for weight loss management. When combined with a workout plan and a balanced diet, it can help burn calories in just a single 3-minute session!

Injury & MuscleRecovery For Athletes

Cryotherapy subjects the body to extreme cold and sends a rush of blood to your vital organs and core. As soon as you leave the cold, this new blood (which is more enriched) is sent back to the rest of the body, including the injured areas.

Treat Aging and Promote Healthier Skin

Promoting healthier, ageless looking skin with increased cell rejuvenation. Cryotherapy can aid in reducing cellulite, skin blemishes and aging skin and improving skin tone, skin tightening, and icreasing collagen production.

Improve Sleep Quality

Whole body cryotherapy can improve your sleep/wake cycle. Just like sleeping in a cold room enhances the quality of sleep, exposure to cold in our Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber produces feel good endorphins and an increase in production of norepinephrine, a hormone primarily involved in the sleep-wake cycle. The more of these hormones, the better quality of sleep.

Boost Immune System

Whole body Cryotherapy can help boost your immune system, which can help you feel better and resist illness and disease. Once you leave our Cryotherapy chamber and your body warms up, the rush of new oxygenated blood circulation helps rid your body of toxins. The less toxins in your body equals to your immune system growing stronger!

Alleviate Stress/Depression

Cryotherapy can benefit all types of people with different disorders such as high anxiety and stress/depression. The “feel good” endorphins released from the oxygenated blood increase energy levels and leave you with a euphoric feeling for up to 8 hours after treatment. Studies have shown that this positive impact on mood can help relieve sufferers over time.